Kida Nightly

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Ch-Check--Check it:One of a kind-I am one! I am weird, exotic, confident, energetic, wild, perverted, impatient, eccentric, dominate, loud and super SexXxy! You will never meet another woman like me--NEVER EVER! Ohhhh yeahhh, AND. I party like a ROCK STAR, look like a MOVIE STAR, play like an ALL STAR, fuckkk like a PORN STAR, Baby Imma SUPER STARR!!!!!

My Fetishes:Role Playing Resistance Play Spike Stiletto heels Cosplay & Costumes Voyeurism & Exhibitionism, B&D, D&S, S&M, LOL, well-all BDSM

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Kida Nightly

Ethnicity: I'm a half breed. Filipino & Caucasian mixDOB: 19881026Age: 24Body Type: AthleticHair: BlackEyes: BrownWeight: 127 lbs.Height: 63"Measurements: 35" 30" 37" Sexual Orientation: BisexualMarital Status: SingleFavorite Food: Spinach Salad, Kiwi & Strawberries, and Italian foodPet: I have a Sphynx cat named Dorian GrayMy vehicle: 2007 Ford Fusion SE, I call him Frank Tanker Favorite Books:Alice in Wonderland, The Soul of Man The Picture of Dorian GrayFavorite Movies: Spun HELP!!! Coraline, Corpse Bride Spirited Away, The Secretary, A Scanner Darkly, Crank and Crank 2, A HARD DAYS NIGHT, Nightmare before Christmas, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Walt Disney's ALICE IN WONDERLANDRobot Noise: Oldies, Dub step, Techno, Reggeaton, Classic rock, Horror core, Rap & hip-hop, Classical & Opera, Main-stream & Pop, Death metal & heavy metal Hobbies, Interests & Obsessions:DIY, PPE, Dancing, Divination, Power tools, Rose gardens, Sharpies & Post-its, Lingerie & Stilettos, Random thoughts & Silly Quotes, Fedoras, fitted hats & snap-backs. Perfect Date: Don't take me out for dinner & a fuckin lame ass movie!!! That's just boring! I'd rather participate in anything that gets your heart rate up & your adrenaline flowing! Anything exciting & fast-paced that pushes your limits & boundaries is perfect! Take me to the range & let's rent fully automatic weapons. Let's have paint-ball gun wars or shoot laser tag. Let's do some skeet shooting for entertainment! Let's go zip line diving and/or sky diving! Or let's attend a redneck shindig, have a bonfire & drink some moonshine! Now, that's what I call having a ball and a biscuit, Sugar!Perfect Mate: Dante from the Devil May CryMeaning of Life: The meaning of life is whatever you make of it. Enjoy it fully! You only get to live & experience it once. Make your own destiny and do what thou wilt. The things I Cannot live without, (I go through withdrawal if I don't have these things!):1. My pussy, Dorian 2. Red Sam (my laptop)3. ChAtteR CRacK (iPhone) 4. Redbull 5. War Paint & large mirror 6. Frank Tanker Leisure Activities:Top model! Strike a pose! Dancing & singing (and I am terrible at both, LOL)Creating, inventing, breaking, restoring, destroying, upgrading & building things-I'm all about some DIY!Playing with POWER TOOLS! Love my NAIL GUN!

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